Friday, March 12, 2010

7 Quick Takes Friday (vol. 12)

1. Springfield weather is once again proving it deserves the crazy reputation it has. Last Sunday was my birthday. And the weather was beautiful. Best weather we've had in months. Upper 60's, sunny, bright, light wind. Gorgeous all around. And today, as I get ready for work, the weather report comes on the radio. Cold, wet, and oh, by the way, we might have snow tonight.

Snow? Seriously?


2. We have started the actual crazy process of doing the grand swap in two rooms of our house. Our current guest room is becoming our new study and our old study is becoming Blueberry's room. We decided, because it is a complicated process, to do it stages.

So last weekend we had four very wonderful people come over for a painting party who helped us move out all the furniture in the new study and Spackle/paint it. Nothing super exciting color-wise in that room--just an off-white very similar to what we already had. My brother will be coming soon to put in carpet into that room, and then will start the process of transferring furniture/belongings from the old study to the new study.

Next weekend, we will have second painting party and will tackle the painting (and large furniture moving) of the new nursery. Once that's been painted, my brother will come back in again and put the new carpet into that room and then, short of actually getting furniture for Blueberry, the major renovations should (hopefully!) be done.

Yay progress!


3. I have survived (and by survived I mean caved in to) my first actual pregnancy craving. Last weekend, along with trying to paint rooms, direct furniture moving, etc, I was obsessed with cinnamon rolls. I actually have a recipe that I've been wanting to try for awhile (read about a year) for GF cinnamon rolls, so Friday night, I decided that I would just make some and get it over with.

Being a, sometimes, sensible cook, I checked my ingredients first. And discovered--to my dismay--that I was nearly out of Xantham gum. Being tired, I didn't think to actually measure the amount left, I could just tell I didn't have enough to make the recipe. Well, I woke up the next morning still craving cinnamon rolls. So I finally measured the amount of xantham gum left--perfect for half a recipe!

Craving became shortly satisfied with delicious succulence. Taste slightly like whole-wheat cinnamon rolls because they're made with sorghum flour, but still gooey and delicious in every good way.

For those of you who like GF recipes, go to Gluten Free Homemaker's blog for the recipe.


4. Interestingly enough (well, ok, I think it's interesting, you might just think I'm a weird obsessed, pregnant woman), Blueberry seems to be a big bread fan. I'm not normally a big bread eater. Normally, I can bake one loaf of bread, slice it, freeze the slices, and it'll last me a month or more. I can do the same thing with muffins and unless my husband gets his hands on them, they last for ages. But the last few months, I've really been into bread a lot. And it's not just carbs in general but actual breads. I guess we'll find out for sure in the long-run, but that's just my observation so far.


5. The stretch marks have begun. And worse than the stretch marks, itchy skin has settled in. I hate itchy skin with a passion. So after doing some reading, the most popular recommendation I could find for both was cocoa butter. So I picked some up the other day, and thus far it's working really well, at least in terms of making my skin stop itching. We'll see the long-term results on the stretch-marks (not holding out much hope there).

Cocoa butter is a very weird substance. First of all, it's edible (listed that way on the jar!) because at least this particular jar that I bought is literally 100% cocoa butter. No, I have not tried some. But I did find that amusing considering it's sold in the beauty section!

Second, it's very, very hard. The way to use it is to either dig some out and melt it in the microwave or immerse the whole tub in warm water for several minutes or rub it between your palms until it softens enough to spread elsewhere. Personally, I've used the microwave method with the most success thus far.

Third, it leaves you smelling like, well, chocolate!


6. Betting on Baby Blueberry: Next week, Wednesday, 1:15ish is our first ultrasound. Assuming Blueberry cooperates, we will find out whether s/he is a she or a he. Place your bets now and no coming back to me later and saying, "Oh I thought it was a ____ (insert male/female gender of your choice here). I'm pretty good guesser on these things, you know."


7. Just for grins and giggles

My husband:

My general attitude towards work lately:


Amber said...

From how you are carrying, I guess girl.

Amber said...

And, with what may become the lifelong nickname of Blueberry, the baby will probably hope to be a girl...A Boy named Blueberry is just dying to be a country song!

Mercutio said...

It's quiet, too quiet. Must be a girl.

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