Saturday, February 27, 2010

In Praise of Snoogles

Last night, I slept on my Snoogle (the overgrown boppy I made mention of in yesterday's 7 Quick Takes). That's a happy pillow!

Finally something that supports my legs, my back, my stomach, and my neck (although I think I will have to add a small pillow to the neck place otherwise I'm going to get a crick in my neck from the angle the stuffing is at).

And it doesn't fall off the bed three or four times a night or require me to wake up quite thoroughly if I need to turn over (I'm a very restless sleeper--these people who never move in the night boggle my mind) in order to rearrange everything.

And I don't have to either push it out of the way or try to clamber over it so I can get out of the bed in one of my ever-frequent bathroom stops in the night (a feat that has rapidly becoming much less graceful and more difficult--I swear it's like climbing Mt Everest some nights). Instead it has this nice little cut on one side that I just leave facing the side of the bed and I can just lift up one of the arms and slip out easily!

And Chris is liking it too because by itself it takes up less room than my mound of pillows took up (I have--bless him--a very patient husband. He has put up with my pillows slowly taking over the bed because he knows I've just been trying to get comfortable. But I know that I've been slowly usurping more and more of his sleeping space).

The only bad observation I would say about it thus far is that I'm not quite sure if someone who is much taller than I am would find it quite as comfortable. It's very flexible and can be shoved into various angles and what-not, and obviously it had to have been designed with taller people in mind as I am (sadly) not considered normal (height only, thank you very much!--JJ, keep the comments to yourself), but it's such a perfect fit for my height, I do have to wonder...

Any ways, that's my Saturday morning rhapsody on Snoogles!

[Liz--you've jumped up to top three in my list of people I'm currently very, very grateful to!]

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HPTeach said...

I'm so glad you found the snoogle! Loved mine too and it is definitely one of those wonderful pregnancy necessities!

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