Tuesday, February 16, 2010

A Fruity Lesson

So, class, today we're going to discuss the sizes of fruits.

Which is bigger? A lemon or a peach? How about a naval orange or an avocado?

Maybe it's just me, but I would answer those questions saying a peach is bigger than a lemon and an orange is bigger than an avocado (in general of course. I'm sure there are random mutant examples of all of those that completely throws this scale out the window).

Why am I obsessing about fruit size? Because, my friends, I run along the lines of a perfectionist. And when a little chart tells me that one week my Blueberry is the size of a peach and then the next week Blueberry is the size of a lemon and then an orange and then an avocado, and I think a lemon is smaller than a peach and an avocado is smaller than an orange--I get confused. And annoyed.

Next lesson: how to spell avocado. Because I keep trying to spell it like this--avacado


Almamater said...

Yeah, I hear you, Ouph. I think they are talking in terms of weight and length? But, still, the fruit world is large and diverse and think accuracy is not as difficult as these charts would make it seem.

I can assure you your Blueberry is bigger than, well, a blueberry, by now. ;)

Hillery said...

One week my little one was the size of a spaghetti squash, the next, a mango or papaya??? That really threw me!

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