Thursday, February 4, 2010

Of Blueberries and Helicopters and Whales and Things That Go Squeak in the Night

So what do all these items have to do with each other? Well, it's very simple. They are all related to one of the best things that has happened to me in a very, very long time.

I'm pregnant! 14 weeks to be exact. With a due date (ha ha) of August 4, 2010.

Two weeks ago, we had the delightful experience of hearing baby's (or Blueberry's) heartbeat. We thought it sounded like a helicopter taking off. Well, Chris decided it sounded like the weird sonogram noise from one of the Star Trek movies where the whales get rescued.

So why Blueberry? Well, there is this delightful list on The Bump (a pregnancy website) that lists all the different weeks pregnancy and compares baby's size to a different fruit or vegetable. As you can see, we now are at a lemon. Well, the first time I saw this list, baby was the size of a blueberry, so I congratulated Chris that we were having a blueberry! Since then, baby has just been going by the name of Blueberry. I know, I know. Poor child isn't even born yet and already is stuck with a nickname. However, it's definitely much easier to refer to Blueberry than to refer to she/he and definitely much preferable over the gender-neutral "it".

So far, everything seems to be going smoothly. I've had much morning sickness (I've never been so grateful in my life to be nauseous all the time; having that tangible reassurance that my body is appropriately changing and dealing with a new experience has been very soothing to my fears) and tiredness and various other "esses" that are apparently all a part of having a baby. The last few weeks, the symptoms have definitely begun to lift (well, other than the whole pooch thing), and I'm enjoying being able to clean my house again without wanting to take a two hour nap.

There you have it, friends. Much more news to come!


Hillery said...

Yay! I think our little one is now at banana? But only in length, it is definitley wider than that, and stronger, as I can feel kicking, and I don't think bananas do that!

Ouph said...

If you ever have a banana that starts kicking, I'd highly recommend throwing it away and perhaps calling 911!

Anonymous said...

He! He! I see you have graduated from being a gluten free blueberry muffin to a gluten free lemon meringue pie!

Ouph said...

Mum, I love you. You're a dork.

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