Monday, August 9, 2010

7 Quick Takes (Vol. 13)

Yes, yes. I am not so pregnant-brained that I don't know it's Monday and not Friday. But I have so many tidbits and kersmidgins of news and updates that I decided to do this post as a Quick Takes. And I don't want to wait until Friday! So there. I'm pregnant. You just have to deal with it (got to use that excuse as long as I can here!).

#1 - Babyland: All is good. I'm tired (surprise, surprise), hot (in an even-hot for Missouri summer? another surprise, I know), and feel rather large and cumbersome all around. I'm also still amazed by the fact that somehow my skin is still stretching and hasn't actually popped like an overly full balloon yet. Oh, and my darling husband has taken to calling me penguin. But baby is healthy and apparently happy. In fact, I think I could do with her being a little less happy as she'd perhaps feel a stronger urge to come meet her mummy.


#2 - On that topic, I am officially on maternity leave. I considered trying to work longer, but I'm glad I decided against it. Having some down time to just focus on, well, having a baby and all that is going to entail, is a relief. Besides, I'm technically still working some as my company graciously is letting me do some writing work while at home--which just happens to be my favorite part of my job.


#3 - About a month ago, a dear friend of mine threw me a baby shower. Definitely up there as one of the cutest showers I've ever attended, and yes, I know I'm biased, but I still hold to that statement! She did an Alice in Wonderland theme (because of our literary based nursery) complete with drinks in little bottles with labels on them saying "Drink Me" and cupcakes with icing saying "Eat me."

She also threw it at a local pottery place where you can go and paint pieces of pottery. Super cuteness! (I, naturally, painted a baby bowl).

Sadly, I only have a few pictures available as other people took most of the pictures and I haven't gotten copies yet. But here's a few...

The Lovely Mistress of Ceremonies


#4 -On the topic of pregnancy/babies, I do have to say that I think one of the most incredible things I've experienced while pregnant is all the unexpected help and kindness people have shown to both my husband and I. It honestly has been way more than I ever would have dreamed. And I am grateful that we are so blessed with all these incredible people in our lives.


#5 -My dogs have been disturbing me lately. Normally they are such sweet, charming, lovable, if slightly overly-enthusiastic creatures. And then recently they have become killer dogs.

It started with Chris finding a nest of baby bunnies in our back yard.

Sadly, other than the little one here, the rest had been slaughtered. And since then, the dogs have been hunting down all sorts of small, helpless animals in the back yard. Young robins. More baby bunnies. BLEAGH! So gross.


#6 Joyous News: The big news of the last month(ish) has been the (not-so-unexpected) engagement announcement of my baby sister (nicknamed Joy--yes, yes, go back and admire my silly pun now). The general consensus is high approval of this news.

In the usual drama that follows my sister's life around, her call to my parents telling them the good news was accompanied by my mother being so excited to get the call that she tripped over a bag (she was sitting in a meeting) and managed to sprain both her ankles and hang up on my sister before Joy even got to tell her the news!


#7 - If you truly want to "get" me and my life, my sister's engagement is actually the perfect demonstration of one of the major quirks of my life. She got engaged while visiting our family in England. Which means that my brother, my sister, and I all got engaged to be married on a different continent. I got engaged in Asia (Thailand), my brother got engaged here in North America, and the Joy got engaged in Europe. And this should be considered normal and non-surprising for our family.

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Hillery said...

Well, you used your "I'm pregnant, deal with it" excuse for the last time with only hours to spare! Very clever of you my dear. Loved the baby bunny pic, did not love that you now have "killer dogs." Lots of fun things all around, with the best coming that night! I look forward to your seven quick takes on Charlotte and her birth!

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