Sunday, August 8, 2010

Baby's First Vote

To begin with, and to somewhat assist the pleas I've had recently for some new "baby bump" pics, I give you Blueberry's first vote. Granted, she's a little under age, but if illegal immigrants can vote, surely she's allowed a vote?

38 weeks:

You'll note my feet will not be showing up in any pictures any time soon. They are large and swollen and rather cranky with me. Someday I will have ankles again. I hope.


Hillery said...

Thank you!You look wonderful!

Anonymous said...

Lovely, Hanna! I can hardly wait for Baby's arrival. You will get your ankles back, indeed. Now about getting the wedding ring back on your finger...well, my anniversary gift to myself this year is to get my ring re-sized. After a couple of years of not being able to wear it, I am finally accepting the reality that is my bigger knuckles. (I hate walking about looking like an unwed mother of six)

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