Sunday, January 11, 2015

Thankfullness - 1000 Gifts January I

1. 4 Gifts Heard

- Beauty of four blended voices in a cappella. Thank you Pentatonix for adding some memorable sound to our Christmas this year.


2. A Gift Outside, Inside, and on a plate

- A visit to the Billy Graham library with the beauty of Christmas lights all around, a fire and Christmas stories inside, and a cup of hot chocolate at home to warm up.


3. 3 Graces you overheard

- Whispered to a baby brother, "I love you."

- A conversation between two residents over the phone, comparing their Christmases. And the statement of the one with us about how "Christmas should be about spending time with family" (although this is not her history of Christmases). Warm fuzzies that she has seen this new concept.

- "I like your hair," one resident from another cottage to one of the girls here (whose hair I did). Some needed validation :)

4. A Gift Old, New, Blue

- Red Touchscreen gloves for free which look lovely with my red scarf given to me a few years ago with my darling blue coat. I feel stylish.

5. Something you're reading, making, seeing

- A show that awakens and intrigues the mind, a pleasant heightening of tension and suspense without overt negative words or images, and a satisfactory conclusion to it all--Poirot.

6. One thing in your bag, your fridge, your heart

 - suckers for the child needing a bit of sweet pacification on the road

- a chilled bottle of Kombucha for a tired day needing a pick me up

- whispered sweetness from my love


7. 3 Graces from people you love

- squeezy baby hugs, even when I'm tired of holding him, my heart still melts.

- "You're the best mommy ever!"

- Words of affirmation from my darling, letting me know I'm doing well in our relationship.

8. Dusky light, surprising reflection, lovely shadow

- A very full moon, hidden on the horizon, a freezing cold night of lovely clearness.

9. A gift held, passed by, sat with

- a cuddly four year old who wants to snuggle and nap with me

- two happy children, playing nicely, sharing, and being kind. What else can any mommy ask? So i left them alone to continue.

- A sad child who trusts enough to talk to us and seek advice and support.

10. A gift sour, sweet, just right

- lemon meringue pie. seriously. What better thing can one taste?

11. 3 Graces from people you love

- a super mom cape for Christmas--because that's just fun

 - kindness shown from a big sister to a little brother--it warms my heart to see her care

- a blown goodnight kiss from a child who came to me angry and affection avoidant

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