Tuesday, August 19, 2008


So, thus far this week, I've hit Walgreens and CVs. Last week the sales were pathetic basically everywhere. This week, a lot better! Walgreens is frustrating me a little bit - more on that in a bit - but CVS I did really well at.

  • 1 bottle of baby lotion: $1.88 on sale - $2.00 off any CVS brand skin care = FREE
  • 2 bags of Chex Mix: these were on sale a few weeks ago 2/$3; however, they were out, so I got a rain check. Love rain checks! 2/$3 - two $.50 coupons = 2/$2
  • 3 boxes of Puffs tissues: on sale for $.88 each - three $.25 coupons = $.63 each!

  • Mountain Dew 12 pack (got to keep Chris' stock up!) - buy 5/$11 ($2.20 apiece)

  • 2 bottles of Glade spray. On sale for $.88 each combined with a B1G1 coupon - $.44 each!'

  • Neosporin/Johnson & Johnson - $11.77 total - $2.50 worth of coupons = $9.27. (Now a question I've seen around is why not just buy the generic? Well, initially the generic is cheaper. And sometimes it still is cheaper when combined with coupons. However, when you add in things like $5.00 ECBs back - which was the deal on these - then the price difference swings in the favor of the name brand. Otherwise, yes, I would buy generic).

Total before coupons = $32.0

w/ coupons = $26.92

Combine 2 CVS specific coupons (the $2 off any CVS brand skin care and $2 off total purchase of $10 or more) = $22.92

subtract an additional $16.97 in ECBs from previous purchases and my total out of pocket = $6.49 (includes tax)! And I have $5 in ECBs for next trip.


Walgreens has apparently been changing their policies on their register rewards. Last time I shopped they informed me I could only use 1 register reward per transaction (unlike CVS where I can throw them all on together). This time they informed me that their policy has changed even more and if you use coupons on something that is supposed to generate register rewards, they won't give you the register rewards. Now, personally, if this is true and not just that particular store being annoying, I find this crazy and misleading. I've emailed their customer service, so we'll see if I get a response. Either way, I'm taking some items back to WG because of this.

However, that said, they did have some good sales on this week.
  • Their weekly paper had a slew of $.39 coupons (not $.39 off the item but the item costing only $.39). So, for a grand total of $5.46, I got Hydrogen peroxide, a pack of college-ruled paper, a pack of mechanical pencils, a fly swatter, 3 boxes of Jiffy corn mix, a box of toothpicks, a pack of gift tissue paper, 3 rolls of tape, and 3 sets of plastic cutlery (for Ugly Tree!)

  • They also had a 2/$1 on salt and baking soda, so I got a couple of those.
  • They had Dixie plates for sale Buy 1 for $3.79 get 1 free. Plus, I had two $.60 coupons, so my total $3.09 for 72 plates (again - Ugly Tree!).

  • They also had the Airwick scent refills at 2/$5. Had a $1.00 coupon for that = 2/$4 and I got 2 warmer units for free.

  • I also got some Pantene hairspray and gell which was on sale for 2/$8.00. Subtract a $1.00 manufacturers coupon and then a $5.00 Register Reward and it was 2/$2.00. Good deal, right? Frustrating though because I should have gotten $3.00 back in Register Rewards as they advertised, and I didn't.

Total out of pocket - $16.94

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Amber said...

Hard to believe ugly tree is getting close enough to plan for, but just this morning I was thinking we'd need to set the date fairly soon.

Great minds think alike.

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