Friday, October 23, 2009


I am guilty of the sin of lusting. I didn't mean to step into this awfulness. Yet, isn't that the way sin so often happens? A moment of weaknesses. One chance decision that places you into a situation where all of the sudden you find yourself weak at the knees, salivating in desire, your head spinning with promises so sweet.

It was so innocent. A flash of beautiful color. A twisty road covered by an arch of orange and gold leaves. "Sure, I'll just turn down this road here. The fall leaves are so lovely." And then I saw it. So charming, heartwarming, tempting. And all of the sudden I found myself searching online just to see more. And I find myself lusting.

This is my confession.

And this....the object of my lust:


Amber said...

Very cute. Why are there so many pics available on line? Is it for sale?

Ouph said...

Yes, it is for sale. If anyone feels like buying it for me, I wouldn't turn them down.

Almamater said...

Beautiful! Love that the dining room is orange. I want to paint my kitchen orange. BTW, interesting that you put this in the "jobs" in you would need another job to pay for this house??? ;)

Ouph said...

Probably about three jobs would be needed to pay for the house!

Mum said...

Oh sweet. Mother totally approves. What are we waiting for?