Saturday, April 3, 2010


So here are some pictures of the fun times we've been having the last few weeks with the work on the house. Current status--we're almost done. Just a few more bits and bobs to get finished up, need to finish putting away things in the study (waiting on shelves), and this project will be about done. Phew.

Big Brother hard at work.

Painting-Party! We have been blessed several times now with a number of people being willing to come over on a Saturday and help us out with this project. We have awesome friends.

The disaster areas.

Lunch! People like food. It's a good motivator.

We have normal friends (and relatives). And then we have our weirder friends (and relatives). That or the paint fumes was causing people to just be weird (and high).

Our orangy-yellow-peach-sandy room.

The crib and dresser set we scored from Craigslist recently.

Literary themed nursery--I know, I know. She's going to come out with a book in hand!


Almamater said...

Looks great, Ouphgirl! And I love that you kept it real by showing us your "disaster areas" as well as the pretty ;)

Hillery said...

Yeah, your disaster areas might be beating mine by a bit, ha ha! Glad you got so much done, and it looks like your nursery will be cheerful and fun. Congrats!

Kristi D. said...

Cute crib!

Amber said...

I just realized the background of your blog matches the nursury window wall!

Ouph said...

Amber--you're right. Apparently that's just my color right now!

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