Saturday, April 17, 2010

Updates in Gluten Free Foods

So I've met with a few more pre-packaged GF/SF products the last few months that I was really impressed with. Thought I'd throw them up here for thecurious.

1. Hillery introduced me to a succulent item that is melt-in-your-mouth light and delicious. Pamela's is a GF company. Now for some reason her prebaked cookies and such items make me sick--never have been able to figure out why because the ingredient list is fine (and some of them have soy in them which is obviously a problem). So I never bothered trying her baking mixes because I was concerning about getting sick from them. Then Hillery made me scones using one of Pamela's mixes. And I didn't get sick. And they are amazingly good. For the curious or likewise GF, here's a link to the website. Pamela's mixes are pretty common at most places you can buy GF mixes (including some of our Walmart's now!).

2. On a whim, I decided to try a frozen burrito I ran across at one of our health food stores. Yummmy. There are various options for these, and a few do have soy in them, but the one I had is by a company I'd never heard of before--glutenFreeda. It's their Vegetarian Bean & Cheese burrito.
In looking at some of their other products, I believe I've seen their granola around in a few stores. Maybe I'll try that one of these days--although I really do just want to find a good granola recipe that I can make for myself. Suggestions anyone? Doesn't have to be GF. I can adapt and modify.

3. This one is kind of funny, but I'll admit to it. For whatever reason, I am a sometimes-fan of fish sticks (and apparently this might be one of Blueberry's to-be loves given the times I've really wanted this the last few months). I ran across Ian's fish sticks the other day. And they are fantastic! Not cheap, but I do get at least three or four meals out of a box, so they're not radically expensive either. And if you're craving fish sticks and you can't have normal ones--these are perfect!

4. I know I mentioned it in an earlier Quick Takes post, but I made them again and they are so yummy, I thought I'd throw it in with this list. The GF cinnamon rolls recipe I found is yummy. And really easy (for a cinnamon roll). In fact (sorry Mummy dearest), my husband actually likes my GF cinnamon rolls better than he liked my old cinnamon roll recipe! One of the things I really love about this recipe is how it tastes almost like a wheat bread. The only flours used in it is corn starch and sorghum--and sorghum definitely has that wheat texture to it. She has a post that replaces half of the sorghum with half millet and I really want to try that as she said her family gave her the vote of approval (always an important vote to have), and she really likes them.

5. And in a grand finale--I think I've got another restaurant I can eat at! Going to have to try it out a few more times (when I can afford to get sick) to really be sure, but so far, so good. I've been hearing a lot of people rave about the Yum Yum Bowl here. Chinese food but they make it fresh. Seems to be a step up from your usual chinese restaurant (which, in this town, there are so many of). Because they make it fresh and are willing to work with what you can/can't eat, but it's also relatively basic options, a few people suggested that I might be able to eat there. Last Friday we tried it out and had success! Like I said, I'll want to approach it with caution a few more times, just in case they turn out to not be quite as careful as they did this last time, but so far so good.

So there you have it. A more recent list into my GF experiments.

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