Monday, April 5, 2010

Our Dogs of Disrepute

Saturday started out as a beautiful day. The dogs definitely needed a bath, and we decided to try taking them to this gas station near us that has a doggy wash attached to it. Basically it's got a timed sprayer through which shampoo, conditioner, etc come through with water (you just have to indicate which ones you want). Then it's also got an air hose to help dry the dogs off (neither dog liked that at all!).

Other than us winding up sopping wet as well as the dogs, it worked pretty well.

And then the rain started.

And I let the dogs out for their last trip to the backyard in the late evening.

And this is what they looked like when they finally came in.

Mara Jade knew they were in trouble. She wouldn't even look at me when I took a picture of her. Instead, she decided to start licking Calista to get some of the mud off--as if that was going to help at that point!

Add this to the recent discovery we made that at some point in time Calista has apparently learned how to smoke cigars, and I'm beginning to be very concerned about the character of our dogs!

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