Friday, April 16, 2010

Chicken Pox

I look like I just had a run in with a really bad-tempered pincushion.

No, I don't actually have the chicken pox. Nor have I suddenly broken out in a really bad case of acne. The current state of my face makes either of those options look like a possibility. But in reality, the mess of red spots all over my face is burst blood vessels. And how did I manage to burst blood vessels all over my face? By being dumb and attempting (for the last time!!!!!!!) taking a vitamin. Apparently my stomach disagreed with this experiment and decided to make me pay rather violently, thus bursting blood vessels all over my face.

I look charming, let me tell you!

In other, less "attack of the porcupine" news, I did have my most recent doctor's appointment on Wednesday and was told that I'm exactly where I should be in all things Blueberry related. Which is always nice to know.

And Blueberry does have a name now (we're pretty sure, any ways). But, sorry, we won't be sharing said name until after she decides to make her grand entrance in life. So for the curious, sorry, you have 18 weeks (give or take a week or so) to find out! In the meantime, she will continue to be called Blueberry.

Below are my most recent preggo pics from Easter when I was exactly 20 weeks (for real this time!).

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