Tuesday, June 15, 2010

It's Showering Babies

At least it's beginning to feel that way...in more than one way!

To begin with, the birthing onslaught has begun. Starting from May, I knew it was going to be a lot of baby births for quite awhile--and it has definitely started. First was Chris' aunt with another beautiful girl, then my friend Hillery with her second little girl, and this week was another friend (another girl!). We have a break (for a few weeks), and then in July I know of four more babies (one set of twins!) that are coming. Then in August is my friend Lindsay, then myself and another friend--due the same day as me! September is yet another friend. Then we have a break for about a month, and then two more babies in November and one more in December. Plus a very much hoped for adoption might occur somewhere in all of that. Craziness! At least Blueberry won't be lonely.

The second "rainfall" has been baby showers and presents! So much funness there.

It began innocently enough (well, given the people planning the shower, innocent is a relative term) with a shower that was thrown for Chris and I at my job.

They went with a Blueberry theme...purple and yellow decorations with babies growing out of plants and the worlds most adorable blocks on all the tables spelling out different words..and little cups of blueberries sitting on the table (does that make Blueberry a cannibal?). Plus, somebody (the dangers of the close-knit missionary family) had contacted my mother and gotten her to send a bunch of pictures of me as a little girl. They printed those and put them all over the room.

This one was my favorite set of blocks :)

The scrumptious GF chocolate cheesecake. Decorated with--what else--blueberries!

Most people feasted on a regular cake...

And once again the dangers of the close-knit missionary family was demonstrated as not only had they gotten pictures from my mother but they also got her to write up a short bio for both Chris and I which they proceeded to read.

And then of course---presents!

Some of our expressions when opening the gifts were hysterical...

"Ooooo...what can it be?"

My personal favorite. I believe the thought going through Chris' mind in this picture is something like "Oh no! More pink!"

The clothes shot...

The next week, another shower unexpectedly occurred. But we weren't invited to this one even though we've been the eventual recipients of the gifts...

My parents, currently on itineration in the US, attend a bible study on Tuesday nights. Well, they were surprised by a Grandpa and Grandma baby shower!

Notice the bathrobes and shower cap.

I love my dad's expression in this photo. And the dress is absolutely gorgeous!

And this is a picture of all the gift. This is going to be one well-dressed baby girl. I don't think I'm going to have to buy clothes for at least her first year and we even have a few outfits up to 24 months!

And the showers of blessings haven't stopped there either. At least once or twice a week for several weeks now random gifts or just other baby items have made their way to us. Sometimes they'll just appear at my office at work. Other times people have just asked us out of the blue if we could use such and such. I even had a scavenger hunt that I had to go on yesterday in order to find one gift!

So I suppose a better title for this post would actually be "It's Showering Blessings"...because that's what this rainfall has been. Live baby blessings and physical outpourings of love and support.

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Hillery said...

Blessed, blessed and blessed some more!! Your shower looks awesome, and your mom and dad's surprise shower is hilarious and wonderful! You will not need clothes for a long, long time. Enjoy this, you deserve it, and it won't happen again, unfortunately. Love you and miss you.

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