Thursday, June 17, 2010

Updates In the Animal Kingdom

Dogs are doing well; although, they've had a lot of comings and goings in their lives the last month.

First of all is the rabbit who lives in the backyard who continues to taunt the dogs with its existence. I swear the thing will sit outside our back door and in a French accent (it immigrated a few years ago) mocks the dogs for not being able to catch it! Name: Unknown. Won't stick around long enough to ask it.

Chris recently found one of his strays. This one stayed only for a day and other than a brief pet by me was examined only from the other end of a camera lens. Cute kitten though! Name: Gen. As in...Allergen.

We are also fish fostering for the summer again. My friend Amber teaches, and since she has two cats at home, for the last two summers we have taken in her classroom fish to avoid any tormenting or death of said fish. Name: Logan. Very quiet and well-behaved. Probably enjoys the respite from random fingers and things being dropped into his tank.

Amber also has acquired a puppy! Name: Nugget. Adorable, adorable puppy. Nugget and Amber came over the other day so we could meet him and also so Nugget could become a little more socialized with other dogs.

Mara Jade did fine and Nugget quite liked her....seemed to think there should be some milk somewhere to get out of her. Don't think Mara quite knew what to think about that!

Calista did her best to be good. But she's just so big! And drooly....Nugget eventually wouldn't cower when she came near, but he was hesitant to leave the safety of Amber's lap as well. And really, who could blame him? Crushing was a definite possibility!

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Amber said...

Logan thanks you for his sanctuary from the cats.

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