Thursday, December 30, 2010


It is December 30 and I'm sitting here with the window wide open enjoying the lovely breeze. Does anyone else find this picture bizarre?

Warm weather has been the weather of our Christmas this year. Granted, we flew to where it should be warm, so it was a little less unexpected, but still!

Last Wednesday we flew out to Arizona to spend Christmas with my parents. They are temporarily living in Arizona teaching at a local bible school there. Why not enjoy a warm Christmas while we can?!

Packing was a challenge. First (as I mentioned in an earlier post) our dryer broke. So I spent one day running back and forth (well, driving) between my brother's house and mine doing laundry. But by Wednesday morning we were all packed, dressed, and ready to go.

Blueberry was an absolute angel on the plane--both there and back. The worst crying we had out of her was a few minutes of her (very quiet) "uh uh uh"s while she explained to me how she didn't want to go to sleep and how she resented her eyelids getting heavy. She was so quiet on the way there that the people across the aisle from us were shocked when they realized there was a baby right next to them! And, no. We did not drug her.

At the airport:

While in Arizona we enjoyed the gorgeous weather that allowed for craziness like roses and fruit on trees in December.

The cactus wearing Santa caps were rather amusing too.

On Friday we drove to Sedona where we enjoyed the red rocks of Coconino National Forest. While I don't think I would want to live in Phoenix, if I could live somewhere in that area, I totally would.

(My new carrier--Piccolo. Similar to a mai tai but with clips instead of tying on. I still prefer my wrap for now, but when she gets bigger, especially when she's able to go on my back, this will be far easier. And it fits both Chris and I with little adjustment!)

Other activities: I visited my first Trader Joes. While I was impressed by the prices, I actually was not that impressed by the store. I've heard so much about it, and I can see it being great for novelty stuff, but really, I like our Mama Jeans!

My Mum got introduced to playing the Wii. That was absolutely hysterical. If you are a Facebook friend of mine, I'm going to link to the video we took of her.

Chris and I were also happy to spend an afternoon and evening with some good friends of our who we hadn't seen in about 8 years. Nothing like catching up with friends.

Blueberry primarily worked at entertaining her grandparents. She was very good most of the trip; although, she did get her patience tried a little too much on Friday as she spent so much time in the car seat that she proceeded to protest riding in the car seat after much shorter intervals than normal. She also found a new noise to make. I personally think it sounds like the groaning of a train coming to a halt. Chris thinks she's trying to imitate his cough. Either way, it's a most peculiar noise. Oh, and she finally is mastering the art of grasping. Which means everything is being grabbed (and then gummed). Plus she has discovered a love of drinking from glasses. Trying to get her to master her sippy cup. So far, she prefers trying to suck out of the straw opening on mommy's water bottle. It was a busy week in her world!

Saturday morning--Christmas Day!--was the Blueberry present hour. Let's just say her Nana and Papa spoiled her. But that's ok. After all, we have few Christmases together for spoilage.

Nana and Blueberry reading hour.

Blueberry in a Bag

Which she primarily tried to eat--because she's eating everything currently.

Including her new Raggedy Ann

I hope they will be good friends. I was delighted that she was given both the classic Raggedy Ann stories and the classic Raggedy Andy stories. Love those books!

Yes, we are a family of bookworms. Lots of books for Christmas.

Blueberry and a stylin' outfit from France--a gift from her Auntie Joy

I hope everyone's Christmas was as delightful.


Hillery said...

I'm glad your trip went well!

Tad jealous of the Piccolo. And yet I'm not all at the same time! I would love to see it and try it in person. I'm currently very happy with the wrap, but like you said the Piccolo will be great for the back carry.

Santa hats on cactus, welcome to the southwest and Christmases of my childhood! One of the houses in our neighborhood dressed up their three sajuaros as the three wise men every year, loved it!

Trader Joe's, my mom and dad went there recently and were also surprised that it is much smaller than anticipated, but does have good prices. And guess what, they are owned by the same company as Aldi. It is an upscale Aldi, plain and simple.

Talk to you soon, when my throat isn't aching as much!

almamater said...

Thanks for posting all of the pictures!! Love that little Blueberry already!

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