Monday, December 20, 2010


So last Thursday, we got a new hot water heater (much needed for several months, had become an almost desperate situation). Yay! Much rejoicing.

Friday, my dryer broke. It runs. It just never gets hot. Of course I was procrastinating on some of my laundry last week, and as we're in high need of laundry now, I was going to do a bunch of laundry Saturday/Sunday.

Well, obviously that plan was no longer going to work. Sunday I washed Blueberry's diapers (well, stripped them which required multiple washings), and then drove over to my brother's house (he lives 1/2 mile away) to dry them.

For the record--I have a clothes line that I could use. Problem being that I really hate crispy clothes, and so I always throw everything into the dryer for 5 minutes or so to soften them up. And it does take awhile to line dry--I don't have time to line dry the mass of laundry going on here!

Today I'm trying to do the drive back and forth doing laundry method; however, my sweet little Blueberry who normally takes short morning naps has decided that today would be a great time to take a 1.5 hour nap. And now, just as I'm needing to head out the door again, yet another nap was determined to be of utmost importance.

Sigh. Two days left to get ready...gonna make it? I dunno.

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Hillery said...

Oh dearest, I had the same thing happen when Davy was in cloth diapers! I hung dry everything for about 6 months, so I know that pain! For diapers I got drying racks, hung the diapers on them and put them under a heating vent in the living room which was always blowing fast and furious in the winter. This worked rather well and quickly! (more quickly than outside in the winter) In the summer I stopped though, becaus this didn't work obviously.

After months of being dryerless and fearing the worst (that I needed an all new dryer) it was a simple fix. The fuse had blown in the dryer. It had blown because the dryer got too hot one day, probably from being overloaded. A simple fuse later, and all was well. I still have the dryer and it is fine years later.

So, all that to say, it may be something serious, but if it still runs, but doesn't get hot, it could be a fuse, or the heating element, but it is not the motor which is a VERY good thing!

Things seem to come in bunches, whether joyous, sad, or appliances breaking! Love you!

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