Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Daybook - December 8

Outside my window...brilliant sunshine lights up the morning sky. However, upon opening the door to let the puppy dogs out, I was hit in the face by a freezing cold blast of air. So deceptive! It's supposed to warm up a bit tomorrow and Friday. And then it's supposed to snow on Saturday.

I am thinking...of plans for this spring and several trips that we're wanting to take.

I am thankful for...a good night's rest. Amazing how much that can help the brain.

From the learning rooms...[or in our case--the learning brain]...comes laughter! We keep trying to video tape (our camera has a mini video-recorder in it) Blueberry laughing, but so far not much success. Will keep trying though as it's delightfully funny.

From the kitchen...I am trying to compile a list of menu items. Got to work on stream-lining dinner planning, so this is the place I will start.

I am wearing...jeans, gray sweater, and bare feet (I took my socks off earlier because I laid down with Blueberry to get her to take a nap--I object to naps in socks--and forgot to put them back on. Yes, my toes are cold. And my nails are rather in need of repainting).

I am creating...a pile of Christmas presents that need wrapping and, in some cases, shipping.

I am going...nowhere! At least not today. Monday we went grocery shopping. Tuesday was MOPS. Tomorrow I go to the studio. And Friday I'm meeting up with a friend. And Saturday, Chris and I will hopefully be going on a date. So today is a blissful at home day.

I am reading.. . the Harry Potter series again. And I'm trying to find my copy of The Best Christmas Pageant Ever. Love that book. Blueberry and I are working our way through a huge book of children's poems. Found a delightful one on Christmas pudding today called The Remarkable Cake by Margaret Mahy. Very accurate expression of my sentiments regarding plum cake!

I am get a letter for my one job written, the editing of a friend's final Master's thesis done, dinner made, laundry dried, and some work done on the house. To high of expectations? Perhaps.

I am hearing...the delightful harmony of Christmas songs.

Around the house...I have made a sad decision. I am not decorating for Christmas this year. This is a rather momentous decision for me. I love decorating for Christmas. My Freshman year of college, I talked my roommate into letting me decorate for Christmas in October! It's one of those things that Chris and I had to compromise on as he (strangely) objects to my decorating before Thanksgiving.

Originally I had been planning on just not putting up a Christmas tree this year. but I've realized that as much as I miss my decorations, it would be a more stressful thing than a happy thing to put them up this year. So I have, rather sensibly I think, decided that I will spend the time focusing on cleaning my house and enjoying my sweet baby girl (not in that order!), and bring out the decorations next year. Also, we're not going to be here for Christmas, so that kind of adds a little more weight to not putting them up.

But next year--that will be a different story!

One of my favorite things...drinking water. Best drink in the world.

A few plans for the rest of the week:
Thursday--studio. Last week before the Christmas show--HELP!
Friday--going out in the morning with a friend.
Saturday--going to see Voyage of the Dawn Treader with Christopher.
Working on Christmas presents and several writing/editing jobs. Tidying my house. Writing up recipes for Christmas.

Here is picture for thought I am sharing...

Leggings--as mentioned in an earlier day book.

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Rebecca said...

Your big brother can't tolerate to sleep in socks either. Too funny!
I remember that first tree! Halloween, I believe, was the big decorating day that year.

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