Sunday, December 12, 2010

Daybook-December 12

Outside my window...I took a look this morning, and was delighted to see a good covering of snow on the ground! And it's still coming down. I don't like the cold of winter, but I do love the beauty of snow. Makes up for some of the coldness at least.

I am thinking...that The Voyage of the Dawn Treader was sadly disappointing. I really loved the first two new Narnia movies. Even Prince Caspian I was pleased with despite how they played with the story. I thought they did a good job enhancing some weaker areas of the book. But VDT was, honestly, boring. They took a book that already had good character development, great plot, and fascinating fantasy elements, and they muddled it all up and made it boring. So sad. Especially as it's one of the few (only?) movie we've paid full-price to see this year.

I am thankful for...dates with my husband and good friends who like babies and not only are willing to babysit but who also don't leave me much of an option in the matter!

From the learning rooms...[or in our case--the learning brain]...comes a lot of activity! Fingers are still popular but rather than just playing with them, Blueberry is starting to learn to grab items (with intention). Toes are also rising in popularity. Not quite at the sucking them stage, but lots of staring and reaching for the toes has been going on. AND (it's been a busy few days around here for Blueberry), she's finally rolled over! I had her playing on her tummy (which she has slowly been tolerating more) yesterday and I turned my back for 5 seconds and turned back and she had rolled over! She wouldn't do it again until this morning when I laid her down on her tummy and within 5 seconds she had flipped herself to her back. Yay!

From the kitchen...comes split-pea lentil sesame-seed ham-bone soup. I bought a ham last week for the ultimate goal of having split-pea soup (which I love and was hankering after). I like ham as it's actually a cheap meal option for us. I can make a ham and it lasts for a variety of meals for both Chris and I for several days, plus then I can use the bone for soup which lasts for several more meals. Yesterday morning, I dumped the ham in the crock-pot with the intention of starting the soup. Put all the other ingredients in, go to pull out the split-peas, and find that I don't have any! How I missed this fact when planning the meal in the first place, I have no idea. So, rethinking my plan, I put in lentils instead. Not quite my normal lentil/ham-bone soup, but it would work, so I thought. Well, when we were eating it several hours later, we realized that what I thought were lentils (and what I had labeled as being lentils, had to actually be sesame-seeds! I bought them from one of those bulk-sale bins at our local health-food store, so it must have been a labeling error on their part. For the record: sesame-seed ham soup is only so-so.

I am wearing...PJ's and a bathrobe. Need to get dressed soon--probably when Blueberry goes down for her first nap.

I am creating...order out of The Jumble. Everything has at least been sorted through. Now to actually take action on all the things that need action taken!

I am church in a few hours.

I am reading.. . book 5 of the Harry Potter series.

I am hoping...for a change. I know, I know. How Obamaesque of me.

I am hearing...Christmas carols on the radio. I wish The Wind would play worship music on Sunday mornings during the Christmas season like they normally do the rest of the year. Or at least do a combination of none-Santa Clause Christmas music and worship songs. And I also wish they would NOT play Feliz Navidad ever, never mind twice in one morning! Excuse me while I go shut the radio off from that dreadful song.

Around the house...we are considering the best way to go about baby proofing. It seems that the time is rapidly coming when some things need to be barred off from exploring fingers. Am trying to consider that balance of teaching Blueberry what is hers to touch and what is not vs having a set-up where she's going to hear a whole lot of "no!" vs having a set up where everything is Blueberry friendly and she doesn't have to learn boundaries.

One of my favorite things...the way Blueberry's face lights up when she sees me walk in the room.

A few plans for the rest of the week: Well, as it's Sunday, my week is barely starting! Although, in truth, I have few set engagements for next week. Projects to work on, some errands to run, a Christmas recital to participate in, but mostly a blessedly light week. Oh, we do need to find a babysitter for the 18th so Chris and I can go out and celebrate our 9th! anniversary.

Here is picture for thought I am sharing...

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Amber said...

I have to say that sesame seed soup sounds disgusting...

and that I am willing to baby sit.

Ouph said...

It wasn't disgusting. Just not amazing. And thank you for the offer. I think Jon and Becca are going to watch her.

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