Monday, March 10, 2014

Daybook - March 8, 2014

Outside my window...the weather has been its usual crazy self this week. We went from 60s and 70s to rainy and slight ice of the 30s/40s, and back up to nearly 70 today with blazing sunshine. I have an atmospheric headache.

I am thinking..of turning 33 this year. And other slight depressed thoughts.

I am thankful for...lemon meringue pie for my birthday. Even if I did have to make it myself.

From the learning rooms...[or in our case--the learning brain]...
Baby Q is finally using sign language. More and Food and an argument could be made for diaper, but we'll see. He's also been making a distinct effort at stating "thank you."

Blueberry and I have been making a concerted effort at learning a bunch of nursery rhymes. Nana gave her a fantastic sticker/activity book with beautiful illustrations quite awhile ago. We've been deliberately working through the book, one page at a time, learning the rhymes as we go along. Many of them are ones we've sung before, but there's been quite a few in there that were new to her and even a few I've had to look up to remember how they go!

From the kitchen...came Blueberry Cinnamon French Toast. This is a variation of my mother's recipe, Apple Cinnamon French Toast--which is a great favorite of the cottage girls. My rather brilliant husband brought home blueberry's the other day and suggested I make a blueberry version of it (was already going to make the apple version for the girl's). Um, amazing. Need to try it with strawberries sometimes because I think that'll be even better.

I am creating...plans for some intentional learning on my Blueberry's part. After some thinking and reading and idea seeking, I've finally settled on starting to do something called Before Five in a Row. Essentially it's a program in which you read through a book five times, combined with activities to enhance learning etc.

Why am I doing this? Well, a large part of it is that, as we already plan on homeschooling our children, I want to start intentionally building into our schedule and lives "schooling" time while it isn't as important. Get into the habit now, so that it is easier later kind of idea. That and it gives me some focused time with our kid(s). Any ways, more about this at a later point, but I'm excited to get into this in the near future.

I am the consignment store sometime in the next few weeks.

In my mailbox today.. .I have absolutely no idea because we failed to pick up the post on Friday and now I have to wait until Monday. Sigh. I should have a few packages though!

I am reading.. .Ender's Game. Because I went to go see the new movie a few months ago, and it had been so long since I read the book, that it's been bugging me ever since. So reading i am.

I am hoping...that this stomach ache/body ache will stop soon. Tried out a new restaurant this week with a supposed GF menu. But as I've been sick feeling ever since, not as GF as I was hoping. Sigh.

I am hearing...the delightful tunes of Pentatonix. My birthday present from my husband because I truly love their sound.

Around the house...I did a bit of rearranging while we were off. Contents of one cupboard got shifted to another place and those contents got shifted to a third place while the contents of the third place went to the first place kind of business. We'll see if it was worth it in the end. 900 square feet is surprisingly tricky to organize!

One of my favorite things...Lemon Meringue pie. Don't even need the pie crust. Just the custard and the meringue will do it.

A few plans for the rest of the week: Go to Hobby Lobby. Finish the craft/toy room we're working on for the cottage. Deep clean my carpet.

Here is picture (or more) for thought I am sharing...
Baby Q eyeing his big sister to see what he should be doing next. Because he adores her. For more adorable pictures, see my other blogs: Blueberry Bits, All in the Z, and My Life in Scraps

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Hillery said...

I found the idea of reading the book five times fascinating. Primarily because our new toddler curriculum for church has us do the same story for five weeks in a row. Same story, song, prayer, but new activities each time. This month is "God gives us food". Repetition really does help things stick in their minds.

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