Sunday, March 16, 2014

Thankfulness: 1000 Gifts - March

1. 3 Gifts at 3pm:
  • a slumbering child
  • a six year old learning to talk and share her thoughts and needs instead of just wailing at shutting down
  • sorting household supplies and finding free Puffs tissues (because I'm a tissue snob but I'm also cheap--so getting my soft tissues for free makes my day a little brighter)
2.  3 Gifts Green:
  • asparagus, because really lightly sautéed asparagus is one of the natural wonders of this world
  •  a new-to-us raincoat of mint for my Blueberry who loves to jump in the puddles in the rain
  • Wild onions releasing their scent to the air, promising spring is coming
3.  3 Gifts Hard to Give Thanks For:
  • Nursing moments at 1am--because even though I'm tired and I don't want to be awake, feeling soft chubby arms clinging to my neck makes it all better. 
  • My former place of employment. I might not be a houseparent now if I hadn't started out there, and even though I don't want to go back, I have to be grateful for the opening to this pathway we are now on.
  • My snoring husband--because even though it's an annoying sound at times, I have a great man in my life who chooses to sleep next to me every night because that's where he wants to be
4.  3 Gifts Wore:
  • a sparkling ring on my finger that even after 13 years of use still brings a smile to my face
  • Comfy shoes that don't leave my feet aching at the end of a busy day
  • earrings--because every time I put them on, I can't help but remember a gracious boss who gave me money for my birthday one year with strict instructions that I had to spend it on something completely frivolous and entirely for me. As we were newlyweds and definitely not making much, she allowed me to do something I had wanted to do for many years and not feel guilty for spending money on such a frivolity  
5. 3 Gifts Found:
  • a second toddler shoe hiding underneath a chair so that she could quickly go out and play
  • a voice message from a friend for no other reason than that she cared
  • blueberries, hiding in a grocery bag, because my husband knew they would make me happy
6. A Gift Bent, Broken, Beautiful
  • a poorly folded piece of paper, handed to me by my daughter, with scribbles and wrinkles and dots and lines all mixed up together to tell me a “story” of love
7. 3 Gifts in the Kitchen
  • a full refrigerator on a slim budget
  • black and white aprons and mini-girl aprons too
  • hot and toast bread fresh out of the oven, ready to be smeared with honey  and devoured
8. 3 Gifts Loud
  • a houseful of rambunctious girls, all wanting to talk to me at once 
  • shrieks of laughter from the playground 
  • a chattering voice of a 3 year old who truly wants to share every thought with me—all day long
9. 3 Gifts Carved
  • a 30 minute nap for me, wrapped in love, carved out by my husband
  • my Cradle to the Cross wreath
  • 5 minutes of solitude and peace and a prayer breathed, carved from a busy dinner hour
10. 3 Gifts in Christ
  • forgiveness 
  • hope 
  •  future
11. 3 Gifts Read
  • a birthday card from loving grandparents far away 
  • a note with a thank you in it from a girl often trying and proud 
  • blog posts showing the walk in Christ of a new believer, a beloved author
12. A Gift in Wind, in Water, in White
  • wind: The awe inspiring roar that swooped around the cottage this evening, blowing in a storm in the brilliance of sunshine 
  • water: the cleansing taste of my favorite drink 
  • white: memories of a winter’s day of snow dogs and snow angels and snow ball fights on a three year old level
13. 3 Gifts Round
  • blueberry goodness to burst in my mouth
  • full little baby bellies, today full with blueberries (apparently he's thankful for them as well)
  • the succulent look of a bottle of Kombucha ready to be savored. 
14. 3 Gifts Found in Silence
  •  sleeping babies, sleeping husband, sleeping children....time to stretch and contemplate and pray without distraction.
  • breathing time, concentration on the act of slowing down, resting in the peace
  • bird song heard across the expanse of lawn
 15. 3 Gifts Given Away
  •  a hug at 2am to help a bad dream
  • time from a friend who was willing to put off her shopping trip so we could talk
  • a quick prayer in a time of stress

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