Friday, March 6, 2009

7 Quick Takes Friday (vol.4)

#1 - My dearest of husbands sent me a quote from a tongue in cheek article about how one video game is better than a different (very popular) game. Here's the quote: "Killzone 2's controls are better because of reasons, and you can't argue with reasons."

This charming quote has opened up a whole new world of reasoning for me. For example, when talking to my husband:
"Sorry dear, I have reasons for why I’m right and you’re not, and you can’t argue with reasons."

It's a flawless argument! I always knew video games were useful for something.

#2 - It's my birthday tomorrow. I'm beginning to feel old. And I'm finding more and more white hairs on my head. I'm finding that rather hard to cope with. But the real question I find myself facing is - will I dye my hair?
#3 - On the note of birthdays - I'm making a cake! Well, it's technically more of a brownie. But it's good either way! We went to a GF foods tasting at one of the health food stores last week and found three wonderful items:
Boxed macaroni and cheese (thus far I can't make a good homemade cheese sauce with rice milk and the only GF mac'n'cheese I'd found was a frozen kind by Amy's. Very good and very expensive. This box is also expensive but not as much, and it tastes GREAT!)
The delicious brownie/cake that you would never know was GF and (mostly) sugar free! Much happiness! And so I will be baking it for my birthday!
Good bread. Really good bread. Both the bread and brownie/cake recipe came from the same local lady who has published her own GF cookbook. Tasty stuff, let me tell you!
#4 - On a random life note in general, Chris and I have been trying out a new church. Thus far, we've really enjoyed it. It's not very large and it's not very fancy but the people are caring, there is a wide range of age-groups that attend, and you can't miss the geniune nature of those who are there. And, for a novel change (at least for us) it's only 5 minutes from the house! We're used to drive at least 15 to 20 minutes to attend church; it's really kind of fun only having to plan on 5!
#5 - Chris and I have been slowly (or not so slowly!) working our way through the Scrubs seasons. I wasn't really sure if I would like the show or not but I'm finding I it a pretty entertaining show. Good mix of serious with silly (but not a lot of slapstick)...always a nice combination in a show.
#6 - I've been racking my brain for the last few days trying to put together pieces of a puzzle that have been slowly sent to me by Amber. She bought me a present for my birthday and has then proceeded to torture me with it! What is purple, circular, tangled, quadrant, bent, can flip, is treble, and she and I would both like it although Donald apparently thinks its a weird gift....I'm lost and thoroughly confused.
#7 - It's warm today. It's gloriously warm today. I seriously think I become more alive when the weather warms up. I feel spikes of energy and enthusiasm that just haven't really been around much the last few months! I even snuck out of work an hour early today just because I so desperately wanted to get outside (fortunately I work longer days Monday through Thursday, so I already get off a few hours early on Friday). If only it will just stay warm...that would be really, really nice. I feel like I've been given a birthday present by the weather...and it's supposed to stay sunny at least until tomorrow night. Such happiness!
I have all the windows in the house wide open, and as I write this I'm munching on Greek lettuce wraps (amazing new recipe I tried this week), and I'm contemplating the best way to sneak in a walk between cleaning the house, baking my cake, and getting ready for company tonight!


Hillery said...

I know what your present is, nananan! Oh wait, if you had your party last night, you know too. Oh well. Hope you liked it!

Oh, and by the way, I have the same issue with grey hairs all over my head. And the same question, to dye or not to dye.

Ouph said...

For those who are curious, the purple, floral, circular, tangled, quadrant, bent, can flip, present that is treble, that she and I would both like although Donald apparently thinks its a weird gift (we straightened him out last night) was................really pretty office supplies! You know, like colored paper clips, some bent into fun shapes (feet, hearts, thumbs-up, etc), shaped and coloured pins, and colored binder clips with lovely designs all over them.

For those of you who think this is a weird gift, it's not. I'm a self-admitted office supply junkie, and I LOVE my pretty new supplies!

Almamater said...

Happy, happy birthday, Hanna! Congrats on finding a yummy, celebratory food!

If I dye, it will be for fun only. I am not going to be in denial or imagine that I am fooling anyone into thinking my hair is unchanged. Blonde? More reddish? The problem isn't with the first dye, though, it's the maintenance...ugh!

I really enjoy Scrubs...uniquely funny stuff. Love the men's quartet.

Amber said...

You forgot to mention that some are in the shape of treble clefs, otherwise the treble hint doesn't make much sense!

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