Thursday, March 19, 2009

Shopping Blogs and such

I haven’t done a shopping blog for awhile, so since I was rather proud of this week’s CVS trip, I decided to go ahead and do one. Plus, one of the reasons I haven’t done a shopping blog for awhile is that I hadn’t really been doing a whole lot of deal shopping. I was a little busy (because it does take some time and planning) and feeling somewhat unmotivated. And that’s okay. When you have a good stock of supplies, it doesn’t hurt too much when you’re unmotivated for awhile because you’re still not having to pay full price for items. Such a comforting thought!

While at first glance the deals at CVS this week did not appear that amazing, with a little delving into the facts and figures of it all, I totally wound up scoring :)

Money-maker! Buy 1 Irish Spring Body Wash at $4.99 - $.75 coupon = $4.24 - get $4.99 in ECBs . Final cost: $.75 profit!

Money-maker! Buy 1 Colgate Max Whitening Toothpaste at $2.99 - $1.00 coupon = $1.99 - get $2.99 in ECBs. Final cost: $1 profit.

Candy: Yes, I know I don’t eat much sugar any more. And I know that all of these have soy in them making them a double-avoider for me. However, my husband does eat chocolate (in small amounts) and so this is for him. Because I love him and have to keep him happy, don’t you know.
Buy 6 bags of Hershey’s Kisses: $1.88 each = $11.28
Buy 4 other bags of candy for $1.25 each = $5
Total: $16.28
Use two $1.50/3 coupons for the Kisses
Pay $13.28
Get back $5 in ECBs
Final Cost: $.83 per bag!

Bic Soleil System* Buy 1 at $6.99 - $2.00 coupon = $4.99 get $3 in ECBs
Final Cost: $1.99

*Random side note here. I’ve realized that as long as deals such as this occur, buying razor refills are a thing of the past for me. Because stores so rarely run deals on refills but nearly always runs the coupons and deals on new razors, buying refills no longer saves me money. Part of me finds this sad as it feels somewhat wasteful. But when I’m not paying $8+ for a box of refills, the sadness somewhat dissipates.

Buy 1 box at $3.29
Buy a second box at $4.49
Use two $1 off coupons
Total: $6.48
Get $3 in ECBs
Final cost: $3.48

Right Guard deodorant: Buy 2 at $2.99 each, use $1/2 coupon = $4.98, get back $4 in ECBs. Final cost: $.98 for two!

Dove (not the chocolate): the deal on this one was spend $15 on various Dove products and get $5 in ECBs. Now, for those of you who are actually reading this and wondering why in the world I post these deals, this is why.

What I thought I did was buy $45 in Dove products, used $12.25 in coupons, and receive $15 in ECBs making my total for each of 9 products, $1.97.

However, my math was off (always check your receipts!), and so what I actually did was buy $38 in Dove products, used $12.25 in coupons, and received $10 in ECBs making my total for each of the 9 products $1.75. A good deal, yes. But nearly $.32 each more per product expensive than if I had bought the 11 products needed to get the extra $5 in ECBs. And, to think of it a different way, nearly $.77 per product more expensive than if I hadn’t bought the extra two items that bumped me from $31 to $38.

But I think I’ll live. This time. Maybe. I might wind up going back and fixing it. Or maybe not. I’ll decide later. Just let this be a lesson to you – checking receipts is a good thing. And that is one of the reasons I do these posts; it forces me to recalculate and check what I bought.

Grand Totals?
$83.01 of products
- $10 off $50 CVS coupon
- $22 in coupons
- $23.99 in ECBs
Total out of pocket: $27.02 (before tax)
Get back $32.98 in ECBs!


Mercutio said...

You went from $1.97 down to $1.75 per item and are calling that a worse deal? I don't get it. Seems like you mistakenly got a better deal!

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