Monday, March 2, 2009

New Year Resolutions

As I said last Wednesday, one can't have a new year without some kind of resolution. After all, that would be breaking sacred laws of time, space, and humanity or some such.

The truth of the matter is that I'm not really a big resolution person, namely because I'm very much a realist and I feel that if something is worth making into a resolution, I see no benefit in waiting until a specific day to start making it happen. And trying to suddenly change your entire life's habits in just one day's time is setting yourself up for complete failure. Thus the never-ending joke of New Year Resolutions.

However, I did happen to decide upon a resolution this new year, and it is one to which I will stick in with my new and improved new year. In words, it is a relatively simple one to say. In action, it is proving to be quite complex and comprehensive.

You see, there is a dream that I have been holding very close to my heart for some time now. And it is a dream that I can't start acting upon yet; however, my husband and I hope to start acting upon it in the non-to-distant future. But what I can do is to start preparing for that dream.

The short version of the resolution: To prepare myself in every way possible for the fulfillment of my dream. In the longer version, this encompasses a lot--preparing myself-emotionally, spiritually, physically-my home, my life, my finances, and my husband (so far as he wants to get involved!) so that when I can start acting on this dream, I will not suddenly look around me and be dismayed by the number of things I should have done and would then have to be scrambling around to do them.

I guess it's just another form of Ontology. Only this time is not just living my life consciously with the more general goals and tasks of life behind it, it's consciously living my life with one very specific goal ahead of me.


HPTeach said...

You go girl. Lol! I'm so glad that you are preparing for your dreams and ready for it all to happen when it's suppose to. Let me know if you need anything, I'm always here! Love ya!

Almamater said...

I like the sound of this resolution!

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