Friday, January 17, 2014

7 Quick Takes (Vol. 31)

#1 - I've been immersing myself in the language and thoughts of Madeline L'Engle again. Specifically, Walking on Water. There's just something about how she writes, how she sees the world, her call to worship through the creative gifts God has bestowed, that moves and inspires me. And I've been feeling the need for creative inspiration lately. Not even just creative inspiration. After all...

The questioning of the meaning of being, and dying and part of the deepest longing of the human psyche, a recurrent ache in the hearts of all of God's creatures.

This ache, this question, is one for which I feel I have been hunting down an answer for years. And still do not have a full understanding of it.

However, what she spoke here, gives me a glimpse, perhaps, to understanding the why of this answer alluding me:

Plato spoke of the necessity for divine madness in the poet. It is a frightening thing to open oneself to this strange and dark side of the divine; it means letting go of our sane self-control, that control which gives us the illusion of safety. But safety is only an illusion, and letting it go is part of listening to the silence, and to the Spirit.

Letting go of self. My control. Making way for God's control. Now that truly is frightening.

#2 - We are on day four of our week off. It is an amazing thing this having seven days off in a row. I've become used to the 6 on / 3 off schedule of our previous employment. I got to the end of our third day off here, and was energized and could be back on if I had to. Now I am basking in the beauty of time to just be, to focus on my two little ones without craving some aloneness that I so rarely get. I feel like I don't have to so jealously guard my ability to sleep in and have a purely lazy morning when off because there are seven beautiful mornings to chose from.

#3 - In a similar vein of though. I must speak of how surprised I've been by my enjoyment of our 21/7 schedule that we are now on. When I first heard of 21 days on, I was, truthfully, afraid. And, in all honesty, if I were trying to work that schedule in the atmosphere/structure that we were in before, I wouldn't make it. I was always exhausted after just six days there. But here, we just did 21 of the craziest days (constantly having kids home, sickness, holidays, adding new kids in regularly, major kid battles, etc), and we went off duty Sunday night, tired, and ready to be off, but not exhausted. Not falling apart at the seams, can't handle one more conversation, ready to curl up and do nothing but sleep for three days. Rather, we were energized, tired, but looking forward to doing things in our time off. Seeking out adventure and experience. Even me, Queen of the Introverts, have not sought only solitude by hiding in my house. It's amazing how the difference in environment can change so much the energy and ability of the worker.

Now to translate that into the rest of my life where I have that control...


#4 - So what have we done with these days off? Well, I've blogged for one. We've explored Charlotte (the town, not the daughter) a little bit--going to the Whole Foods there. We've tried a new restaurant. I've edited. I've worked on our supposed-to-be-Christmas-cards-but-turned-into-New-Year's-greetings-cards-instead-because-Christmas-cards-didn't-happen cards. Blueberry and I have baked.We've run errands. We've slept. We've watched movies. I've ready to my children. We've gone for walks. We've played. And we put clean sheets on the bed. Which is one of my happy things. It has been good.


#5 - Baby Q's birthday is coming up in three short weeks. How is that possible? My baby boy turning one? Really? I've been trying to decide how to celebrate. So far I'm leaning towards a brunch type celebration (so that we don't run into nap time crankiness). And I'm envisioning a lot of pictures being printed off. But we'll see.

I admit some sadness that none of our family will be here, but we will survive.


#6 - Blueberry, Christopher, and I went on a mommy/daddy/kid date to go see Frozen. I have to admit, it was really good. A very beautiful and surprising cartoon. I love the fact that they defied the norm throughout the whole story. Nice change of pace.


#7 - I posted the following on facebook recently, but found myself rereading it again just today. This article speaks so clearly to me of where I am now, in my journey of mommyhood and beingness.

Mom Exhaustion

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