Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Charlotte/Concord/Kannapolis - Gluten Free Restaurant Reviews (not chains)

Updated: 01.14.14.

1. Chef Thai - despite the fact that this restaurant advertises as a Thai/sushi joint, it is not the shady Thai food one might think given the mix of food offered. I have only tried the Thai food, so I cannot speak beyond that. But let me say, the Thai food made here is amazing...probably the best that I have ever had in the US. And did I mention it has larp and somtam and sticky rice available at all times? Happiness.

2. Passage to India - went for lunch. A small, hole in the wall, college joint. Pretty good. Not a hugely diverse menu, but tasty nonetheless. And nicely near to Ikea.

3. Maharani - Indian Cuisine - most recent adventure. Honestly, it had had pretty decent reviews online, but I was not super impressed. Think we'll keep searching.

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