Friday, January 3, 2014

Verses to Live By

Happy New Year! Across the web this new year, I've found references to people's word of the year. Things like Listening and Home and Encouragement and even simply Jesus are being picked out as the word for individuals to live by in this year.

I've considered this concept, and while I like it, I hadn't particularly felt drawn to any specific "word" as my theme or goal or live by point for 2014.

However, stemming originally from some discussions with the girls in our cottage along with several different blog posts, I've found myself with a scripture verse for the year that I really feel God gave to me, which has kind of morphed into my 2014 phrase.

Psalm 33:3a is the specific verse that stood out to me; however, the entire chapter has significance in my thinking. 

"Sing to him a new song..." declares the scriptures. And it is this concept of a New Song that has stood out to me. 

The passage talks about how the Lord has created all things, and how His eyes are on those who fear, wait on, and hope in the Lord. He has a purpose for us, and our salvation is ever in Him. 

The original concept of having a new song came as we have had to put some rather strict boundaries on the types of songs the girls in the cottage were singing. While there is secular music out there that is good, and some that is even uplifting, there is much that is trash. And it is this trash that these girls have come into the cottage with. At first we were willing to correct and guide, but with the arrival of yet another girl, the songs became more inappropriate and the girls were less willing to take any guidance. End result, we've finally banned all secular music for the time being, and we're working on developing self-control and consciousness of action. 

It was this concept of developing new habits and thought patterns--right in time with all new year's resolutions, etc--that got me to start thinking about

I shared with my girls the other day how, no matter your "spiritualness", God is always wanting to put a new song in your heart. Forever stretching and molding and bringing us closer to Him. 

I want to consciously seek my New Song to the Lord this year.

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Hillery said...

That would have to be very difficult. Now that we love where there is a great Christian radio station that doesn't do annoying things, it is primarily what we listen to in the car. It is great when the kids start singing those songs!

I had my own rebellious period where I only listened to secular music. I thought I was spiritually mature enough it wouldn't bother me. Wrong. While I also agree that there can be good songs, and Iuplifting songs no matter the genre, there is a lot of trash out there as well. And music gets in your head and then your heart and keeps repeating itself! It became something I did not want to dwell on, but it was stuck there.

How much better it feels when a worship song becomes the song stuck in my head, often for all hours of the day and night. I will wake up in the dark of the ought, with worship on my mind. It is encouraging.

Will be praying for you that this truly brings a New Song into your cottage this year and into the heart of each girl.

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