Thursday, July 12, 2007

Movie Commentaries

Next- and another HORRIBLE movie! Seemed pretty good to start; an interesting examination of someone who can see a few minutes into his own personal future. However, the ending of it completely destroyed any appeal the rest of the movie had! So sad. And Nicholas Cage looks old.

Premonition - three strikes we're out on our Netflix rentals lately! This was also a pathetic movie. Sandra Bullock did a good job, but even she couldn't save this movie. The ending was so pointless; another, time-manipulation type movie. Totally unsuccessful.

Perfume: The Story of a Murderer- Didn't actually finish this movie. To psychopathic for my taste. A fascinating idea, to try to present smell through a visual medium, but it's all about a creepy murderer, psychopath...couldn't stomach it. Chris just told me the rest of the movie!

The Last Mimzy - another flop. Should have been good, but was too New Agey for me, and the plot didn't feel like it actually went anywhere. Very odd.

August 15 - Marie Antoinette- I'm still not sure how I feel about this movie. It was cool in that it expected the audience to know the story of Marie Antoinette (i.e. they didn't assume stupidity on the audiences' part). However, the dialogue was minimalistic, almost to a fault. Did a great mix of depicting the customs etc of the time while making the whole thing feel modernized. I'm going to have to consider this one a bit more before I can really say how I felt about it...I do like Kirsten Dunst though. She's an enjoyable actress.

August 12 - Bridge to Terebithia - If you love the book, you'll probably really like this movie. Really well done mix of a child's perspective of the real world and a fantasy/play world. The fantasy was not overdone, but it was really well depicted. I recommend :)

August 5 - An Affair to Remember - Yes, yes...I know this is an old movie. But I love it so much. Few movies consistantly make me tear up, but this one definitely is in that category! Cary Grant makes me happy :)

August 4 - Miss Potter - If you love Beatrix Potter's books at all, or if you have a heart at will love this movie. This was one of the best movies I have seen in awhile. So well-written and well-acted in, it was amazing. I've read about her life before seeing the movie, and the movie appeared to be very accurate. Renee Zelwigger (sp?) is a pheonomonal actress. I highly recommend watching this movie. There is one sad part, but it is true to her life.

July 31 - Breach - Good movie! It's based on the true story of the recently discovered FBI agent who was acting as a spy (Hanssen). Really well done. Ryan Phillippe has a knack for picking well written stories, and Chris Cooper is always a great bad guy. I don't know how closely it follows the actual story, but this a really good movie regardless!

July 15 - Pan's Labyrinth - This is an interesting movie. Rather gory in parts, but absolutely fascinating. It's basically about a captain in WWII who is fighting his own private war - seemingly - against some militia in Spain. His pregnant wife and her daughter come to live with him, and it combines the graphic horror of his grisly life with the fantasies of the daughter. Beautifully filmed, but extremely violent in parts - as in even Chris couldn't watch a couple of scenes because of the graphic depictions. Absolutely not for children, but rather worth watching once.

July 6 - The Fountain - DO NOT EVER WATCH THIS MOVIE. The idea seemed looking for the tree of life in order to heal his wife. However, it was totally new-agy, buddhist, and had an absolutely horrible ending.

July 4 - Transformers - I surprisingly really enjoyed this movie. The two head robots were a bit of drama-queens, but really it was a fun movie. There are some innuendos that would make me hesitate in letting too young of children see it; however, all in all, I liked it.

July - The Painted Veil - Great Movie. A very cultural drama about a couple who go to China and are dealing with their marriage and what is happening around them simultaneously. Can't pinpoint exactly why we (my darling husband and I) enjoyed it so much, but it's going on my to-buy list.

June - Night at the Museum. A fun movie that turned out to be a lot better than I was anticipating. Pleasantly clean.

May - The Queen - This was a really fascinating movie. It examines what was happening in the royal family at the time of Diana's death. The man they got to play Tony Blair did a really good job, and all in all, I think it was a pretty fair representation of what went on. Well worth watching.

May - Bruce Almighty - OK, as a general rule I hate Jim Carrey. I find him overdone and obnoxious. However, there are a few roles that he has done that I've really enjoyed: The Grinch, Lemony Snicket, The Truman Show to name a few. This was another one of those good roles. I was concerned about where the movie would take the whole "God" concept, but they did a really good job with making it funny without blasphemous. I would say worth watching.

May - Charlotte's Web - I prefer the cartoon and the book. It was cute; it's a great movie for kids, and the animation was awesome. But all in all, the huge talking spider was a little nerve-wracking!

April - The Nativity Story - Really beautiful movie. So well researched and great acting. Loved it!

April - Blood Diamond - Could not make it through this movie. Leonardo DiCaprio does a really good job with what I saw, but the violent reality of the movie (particularly watching the young children be brain-washed into becoming violent killers) about made me sick. Turned it off about 1/3 of the way into the movie.

April - Stranger than Fiction - With Emma Thompson (whom I love), I was prepared to really like this movie. Well, I loved it. This is a great idea, and really well-acted. The whom satire concerning literary critics and their morbid love of death and depression was hysterical. I want to own this movie.

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