Thursday, January 20, 2011

7 hours and counting....

It's 6:30am, outside my window the snow is falling fast and furious and the world has a beautiful surreal tone to it. And other than the buzz of the baby monitor, I hear silence. Why am I up at 6:30 and writing about silence and snow?

Because my darling daughter has not cried out for me since 11:30pm last night. Actually, technically, she hasn't cried out since 8:30pm--she hasn't eaten since 11:30pm.

For the last few months, Blueberry has mainly slept with us (she would start out in her crib) because she's been eating so frequently, it was exhausting to try to get up and feed her. This past week or so, I've felt like we needed to start to work slowly on transitioning her to her crib all night, as it seemed that she was beginning to wake up at night because I was there not because she needed to eat. In fact, I had a suspicion that she was waking up sometimes because she couldn't get comfortable enough sleeping with me (we only have a queen size bed, so in the space department, it's very cozy. Just one more example of her being her father's daughter--must have space in bed!).

So the last few nights I've been working on getting Blueberry to bed at a good hour (a continual work in progress as it has been since she was born as she is still a reluctant to bed baby), feeding her if she wakes up and wants to eat (so last night at 8:30ish she ate), dream feeding her before I go to bed (i.e. going in and feeding her even though she's not awake or crying for food--saves me a "get up and feed me" cry), and then getting back up again in the night to feed her, and if she woke up more than once, bring her to bed with me then just so I don't lose too much sleep.

I guess 12lbs-ish (not sure on her precise weight right now, but I do know she's grown again and put on a little bit more weight, so I'm guessing she's got to be right around that 12 pound mark) really is the magic number as after her dream feed at 11:30pm, she's been asleep. I heard her wake up once around 1:30am (normally wake up time), but she didn't cry, just muttered a bit to herself. I didn't get up but waited to see if she'd do anything more substantial. Woke up myself about 30 minutes later realizing that I hadn't heard any more from her.

I woke up at 4:30am and have been fitfully sleeping since then waiting for her to wake up hungry because, well, let's just say physically I've been a bit uncomfortable because I'm used to her eating all night!

At 6:30, I finally decided to just get up for the day myself as I really wasn't sleeping (apparently Mummy needs to relearn how to sleep all night!).

So weird. Happy! But weird.


Hillery said...

So how long did she sleep? How well I know the discomfort of waking up and wanting your baby to nurse! Here you were longing for the days that they would sleep longer than 2 hours, and low and behold, when they do, you are miserable! ha! Lily has been sleeping for long chunks the past few days, though she is still in bed with me. But my milk has regulated rather well, so I don't have many problems no matter how long she sleeps.

Ouph said...

8.5 hours! Other than at the beginning, I've not had any discomfort issues; however, as the longest she normally goes during a day without eating is 4 hours, 8.5 was definitely a little excessive. I wound up pumping which helped. And last night she followed the same basic schedule but woke up only once to nurse at 4:30am. Yayness!

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