Tuesday, January 4, 2011

A New Year

So 2011 has gotten off to a bit of a rocky start for our household.

First, both Chris and I got a 24-hour stomach bug which started on the first and knocked us both out through Sunday night. Nothing super horrible, just enough to make us both feel gross.

Blueberry might have had it as well--hard to tell. She definitely was a little fussier than normal. Although that might have had something to do with what we discovered yesterday (after she'd been substantially more clingy/fussy and not wanting to take naps hardly at all)--she's got her first tooth coming in! I can see the little while patch and feel tiny little ridges on her bottom gum.

I'm really glad that we finally figured that out as there had been a couple of things that had been really concerning me the last week, and this answers all of them. Namely, her acid reflux has been exceptionally bad this last week and she had also developed this dry little cough that kept increasing in frequency. Apparently teething can be a particularly rough time for babies with acid reflux as the extra saliva can stimulate additional acid. And the cough is actually just a response to that. Phew.

So, on the fourth of January, we have two cases of stomach bug cleared up, one Blueberry mystery solved if not cured. If we can just get our microwave fixed and figure out if we truly have gremlins in our electrical wiring or if the weird electrical happenings going on around here the last month are just coincidence, we'll be heading into a better start of this new year!

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