Friday, June 17, 2011

7 Quick Takes (vol. 18)

#1 - She's only 10 months old and she's already discovered the prize in the bottom of the cereal box. Which she proceeded to try to eat (the prize not the cereal--incidentally the box was empty).

#2 - This week has been crazy for me. Recitals every night (including last Saturday). The bad thing is that because of the constant adrenaline rush backstage of getting the kidlets dressed, entertained, on stage, in order, and avoid letting them maim or kill (accidentally or on purpose) each other, it takes me a good while to wind down after a recital. So I've been having a severe lack of sleep all week due to going to bed late.

#3 - Last weekend we (finally) got the soil into my square foot garden beds. So this weekend I get to start doing some planting. Late, I know. But hey, at least I'm doing something! It's a start, right? As Blueberry is not settling down for a nap this morning, I'm thinking we're going to go out and get a few plants (starting so late, I decided to go ahead and cheat a little with transplants for some plants).


#4 - Fluttery thoughts of first birthday parties have been flitting through my brain the last few weeks. We're thinking a good theme might be "Hey! We kept her alive for a whole year!" Really need to start planning that as I hate throwing together a last minute party.


#5 - I've been working on scrapbooking again. Last night I had fun following a blog train to download some new supplies. The title was "Read All About It," so I really couldn't resist. I'm also getting to be guinea pig for Bohemian Bear's Ninja Kitty Studio scrapbook stuff. So much fun! You can see the one page I've done over at my scrap-blog.


#6 - We've had a bad eczema experience again. I was trying dairy out for myself last week and had made myself some kefir pancakes (needed to use up the kefir in my fridge). Well, my little Blue imp stole one from my plate (remind me to be really careful how close my plate is to her high chair!) and ate the whole thing before I realized it. Not a pretty end result. Final prognosis--no dairy for her (or mommy still for quite awhile). Sigh. The cheese I had earlier did taste really good.


#7 - Our other adventure this weekend will be for me to take Charlotte out (well, to try it out myself first) on her new bike seat! Super excited about this. I've been dying to get back out on my bike after about a year and a half hiatus. We would up getting her the iBert front seat.

I started out researching the options. Front seats are not as well known in the USA apparently; however, of the three options (rear mounted seat, front mounted seat, or trailer), the front and trailer seems to be considered the safest (front over rear mostly because of how the center of gravity is less drastically affected and how a bike rider has more control over the front of the bike than the back. Plus you can see the child at all times). I considered a trailer but there were several things that really bothered me about them despite how many people tout them as being the safest option.

1. You're really far away from the child and so knowing what is going on back there is much more difficult.
2. As far as safety goes in terms of tips or shocks, people will go on and on about how fantastic the trailers are, but as I did more research and reading, I found a lot of reviews saying that if you didn't spend the money on a really good quality trailer, they are not safer for a child. Because the child is closer to the road, all bumps and dips are greatly magnified for them and unless you've got great shocks on the trailer--can be very dangerous for little heads. Also, you've got to make sure you've got really secure flaps over the front of the trailer or you're just going to be kicking up dust, feces, oil, etc in the kids face. As we didn't have $300+ to spend on a trailer--I decided against it in the end.

So we'll see how the front seat goes. Perhaps we'll hate it and have to go in a different direction. But so far, I'm hopeful! More on that later.

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