Saturday, June 11, 2011


So I'm considering a new venture in the world of coupon and money saving. The problem I've run into of late is that I just don't have the time to go to a number of stores. But if the good prices are scattered at different stores--how do I manage to keep our costs down (especially now as it seems like every time I go to the grocery store, the prices have gone up)? The only solution I have come up with so far is price matching.

Here are my conundrums with this concept:

1. I have to go to Walmart. Not my favorite place to shop at regularly.
2. Walmart doesn't have the good meat sales that some of the other stores do, so I'm definitely still going to have to go to at least one other major food store (not counting the health food store or CVS--where I'm pretty sure I would still save more money at no matter how much Walmart price matches).
3. I'm nervous about it just because WM isn't always known for its friendly customer service when it comes to coupons and such. I'm hoping to not have a bad experience, but I'm also trying to mentally prepare myself for it.
4. Do I really want to support Walmart's business so exclusively over other stores?

Potential solutions: There are times when going to Walmart is pretty much a must. Certain items I know they carry whereas I could search for them in other stores and may or may not get them. And other items I know that they are absolutely cheaper at Walmart. Plus we get our dog food there, so that's a trip once a month (no upset doggy tummies by changing their food, thank you very much). So perhaps just do this the one time a month or so that I already know I have to go?

Not sure.

Bah! This grocery shopping thing is frustrating.

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Hillery said...

Let me know how it goes! I have never pricematched, maybe you will give me the courage I need! Right now I am trying to go WalMart for big shopping once a month. And currently trying out the local grocery store once a week. Mainly because they have grand opening specials with lots of coupons for their store. Last week I saved 50% which was great! I feel like I don't have time for the drug store game, though I need to make time.

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