Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Daybook - June 22

Outside my window...the sun is shining brilliantly. However, the air is delightfully cool (in comparison to what it has been at least). Perfect day. Outside my back window is a garden that is finally growing! At least we're hoping it's growing. There are plants in it either way. Now to just keep them all alive...

I am thankful for...a friend who I can talk to about anything and everything and who knows my deepest, darkest secrets, my ugliest, craziest thoughts, and who still loves me.

From the learning rooms...[or in our case--the learning brain]...comes so much. It seems like every day Blueberry is learning to do something new. Practicing a new sound. Pushing new boundaries. Most if them are little things, but they all add up to a quickly changing and growing little girl.

From the kitchen...I just made Peanut Butter bread. Not bad. It's not amazing. But it's edible. *Amendment: I've decided that I don't like this recipe. At all. Will work on drying it out and making bread crumbs out of it. I think that it would be pretty tasty that way.

I am wearing...brown yoga pants and a white t-shirt. Haven't gotten "dressed" for the day yet as I've been working on several rather messy

I am creating...some things with my sewing machine. Yay! Very exciting! We'll see how it actually turns out. Details and pictures to come.

I am start taking Blueberry to her first dance class! Kind of. At the studio where I teach, they are desperately in need of another teacher to know the Wee One's class (ages 18 months up to 3 years). So starting next week (and for the next 6 weeks), Tuesday mornings I'm going to take Blueberry with me to the class while I start learning it and then Thursday nights I'll also go (sans Blueberry) for the same purpose. Then hopefully in the fall I will at least be able to substitute for the class or potentially even be teaching it (depending on how some other details work out).

In my mailbox lately.. .Came a fun quilt and umbrella for Blueberry to sit on outside. Rather timely as we've (a) been spending a lot of time outdoors and (b) she's obviously inherited her father's sensitivity to grass as every time she has tried to crawl through the grass she winds up with a rash on her feet and knees that takes awhile to clear up.

I am reading.. . the first book in a five book series called Rhineland Inheritance. It's a historical, Christian fiction series based just after the end of WWII. So far it's rather good--which is nice as I tend to not be a huge fan of a lot of Christian fiction. I hate to say it, but so often it's poorly written, and that really bugs me!

I am hoping...(and praying) for God to answer a prayer quickly and with little mess.

I am hearing...birds singing in the backyard. Hum of the fan. Silence otherwise as Blueberry is napping.

Around the house...I have laundry in the dryer. Diapers that need hanging out on the line. And the vacuum is sitting behind me as I'm waiting for Blueberry to wake up so I can vacuum her room and finish that job for the day. I also plan to work on cleaning out our disaster area of a garage. Well, at least start working on it as I'm pretty sure we're looking at a several day project here.

One of my favorite things...perfect summer days like today. It makes me feel good to be alive and full of energy (despite being slightly sleep-deprived).

A few plans for the rest of the week: Lunch with a friend tomorrow. Got to go CVSing as well. Saturday lunch with a different friend (and husband). Much funness! Blueberry and I have also been biking every morning this week--just around the neighborhood to stay close to home as she's gotten used to the idea. However, I plan to get the bike rack reattached to the car and go out to a park on Friday (weather permitting).

Here is picture (or more) for thought I am sharing...

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