Friday, June 24, 2011

7 Quick Takes (vol. 19) - In Which I Have a Minor Pity Fest

#1 - As of Thursday night, my living room now looks like this:

#2 - My dining room now looks like this:

#3 - And my garage now looks like this:


#4 - The Story: 5 am I go to Blueberry's room to nurse her and stop half-way through the dining room, arrested by an odd sound. Insert eye roll. "Chris must have left the water running again." Insert sigh of exacerbation. Go check out faucet. Dry as a bone (incidentally this saying has always bothered me. I understand how dry bones can be if left in the ground or in the sun, but what if it's a soup bone?).

Growing concern. Begin to hunt for the sound of the water. Track it to the refrigerator. Heart begins to thump wildly.

Lean down to look at the floor. Cannot see water.

Give fridge a push.

Get sprayed on the arm by water.

Call for Chris and with his help quickly discover that our stupid ice-maker has sprung a leak and is spraying water. All over the floor.


#5 - For those who aren't familiar with our history of our dining room floor, please see this post here: The Dishwasher Catastrophe of 2007. It's funny, I would swear that experience wasn't that long ago, but apparently it's been four years. Let me now throw in a worn out cliche and say: "My how time flies."


#6 - The upshot of the current situation: The water had seeped all the way through out dining room floor (again). Probably is under the (thankfully now tile and not laminate) floor under the kitchen. And this time, due to the location of the leak, it also went under the wall and has soaked the wood underneath the laminate in part of the living room.

The blessings:

(a) Because we caught it (relatively) quickly, most of the laminate should be reusable (with a bit of drying), so at least we're not going to be looking at hundreds of dollars replacing that (again). The tile should be able to dry out on its own without having to take any of that up.

(b) Because it was just the ice-maker and we don't actually use our ice-maker, we don't have to worry about fixing a major appliance.

(c) Have I mentioned my brother has his own business fixing things? Because, he's once again saving us.

Although I must add that I had an interesting thought as we dragged laminate out of the dining room into the garage--perhaps we need to hang out more with him sans major catastrophes and my house would quit breaking itself and needing rescuing? Hmmmm....must contemplate this idea. And must find time in his schedule for serious discussion of this concept :)


#7 - Blueberry and I will be spending most of the day at a friend's house tomorrow (thanks Heather!) as short of living in-between her room and the study, there is nowhere particularly safe for a 10 month old of steadily increasing mobility and curiosity to be exploring.

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