Friday, June 17, 2011

Quck Take #8--in which poop features strongly

I had to post an additional Quick Take today because I need to get this out of my system. Or I shall cry. And I'd rather not cry. I prefer to laugh. And if I can make myself laugh by writing--all the better.

Little Miss Blueberry has not been at all obliging with her naps today. Basically it went like this. She gets very sleep. We go through nap time routine. I put her down. And she proceeds to howl. And poop.

I get her up. Clean her up. Calm her down.We play a little bit. Read a book. Have a cuddle.

Her head is drooping. Eyes are shutting.

We attempt nap again.

Repeat earlier steps for the fail.

Give up in disgust for the morning, go out, buy some plants, and come home. Have lunch.

She gets extraordinarily sleepy (not having napped yet today). We go through nap time routine. I put her down. She naps for 20 minutes. And then she proceeds to howl. And poop.

I get her up. Clean her up. Calm her down.

She's desperately tired.

Try to lay down with her. No good.

Finally decide that whether she likes it or not, she's going in the crib for awhile to attempt another nap ((because my mind is about to flee from me and my patience is one howl away from being snapped).

Put her back down to attempt nap again.

Immediate howls.

I grit my teeth and tell her to tough it out. Take a nap. Because Mommy needs to walk away for a little while.

Proceed to get the plants out of the car so they wouldn't die. Talk to someone who understands.

She does not nap during this time. She howls. Angrily.

I finally have calmed down enough to deal with my child in an appropriate manner.

Go into her room.

She is standing up in her crib. Howling.

Covered from head to toe in poop.

I guess her anger was reasonable in this case.

New rule: No putting Blueberry down for a nap in just a diaper. Onesie must be present at all times.

She had managed to get her diaper off, pooped, and then spread it all over the crib. And herself.

Spent next hour cleaning up her (of course she's mad and not impressed with anything at this point, so that was not an easy chore), the bed, and 2 other dirty, poopy diapers that were waiting in the bathroom to be cleaned out because between her howling all day long, I hadn't had a chance to clean them yet. Tossed one stuffed puppy that was in the crib with her that was not going to be cleaned because he apparently can only be damp cloth wiped down. Not going to work in his case. Damp cloth clean only? Really?

By the time I got to cleaning up her bed and the other diapers, she was much happier. So happy that she was (thankfully) willing to play on the floor by my feet.

Except all of the sudden she decided that the toilet was fascinating and she needed to get her hands into helping mommy clean out her poopy diapers.

Proceed to clean up child for the second time.

Finally clean up self.

Sit down to write this because...well....I needed to. Because it's come down to either crying or laughing.

And I have just realized that she's gotten her hands on the cell phone and turned it off. And I can't turn it back on.


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mum said...

Oh my! Not my Blueberry surely! Well, it makes for a great quick take! I howled - with laughter while feeling your pain!

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