Monday, June 13, 2011


OK, ok, I know. You're sick of hearing about Pinterest. Well, to bad. Because you're probably going to be hearing about it on a regular basis because I love this website!

One of the reasons I'm finding I really enjoy it is I feel like it's another outlet of expression. Pinning the pictures of things that intrigue me, that I enjoy, that evoke some kind of emotional response in me...I feel like it's a way to express a part of who I am without having to say anything.

A second reason I'm enjoying it is that it seems to be giving me the inspirational boost I've needed to do some stuff. Ideas that I'll read about on a blog or in passing on a forum I used to think, "Oh that's a good idea." Maybe I'd bookmark it. Or I'd make a mental note. And then promptly forget about it. I'm finding I don't forget about these because it's easy to revisit and get that quick reminder. And truthfully, I don't want this to just be a time-wasting website (which it could easily be...I'll admit that! Timers are very good when playing with this website), but a website that I take the ideas I get and use them (where applicable of course).

So, partially to just share and partially to check myself that I'm not letting ideas and concepts that I enjoy slip by me but I'm actually doing things--I'm going to be doing a regular Pinterest post.

I want two elements in this post. My five favorite pins of the week (or weeks, depending on how well I'm doing blogging!), and my most recent Pin-spiration.

In the meantime, I give you my pins of the week(ish).

Top 5 Pins of the Week:

1. I wish I had the skill to make this for Blueberry's birthday.

2. If you haven't been following the Old Spice Guy commercials, this particular Pin will make no sense to you. If you have, you will probably understand why it made me laugh so hard:

3. I'm going to take this picture with Blueberry. Asap.

Source: via Hanna on Pinterest

4. There is something about this picture that deeply touches me.

Source: via Hanna on Pinterest

5.This is another Pin that is on there because of how much it makes me laugh.


I'm going to list two Pinspirations (I love coining words) this time.

1. My office in a closet was totally Pinterest inspired:

2. I found this tip the other day and am now (slowly) putting it into practice. Put your matching sheet sets (and all pillowcases) inside their appropriate pillowcase and store that way. Brilliant!


HPTeach said...

I'm hooked on pinterest too from you! :) And by the way...I'm repinning your entire organization collection lol. It makes my heart go pitter-patter.

Ouph said...

lol. It is great isn't it? Now to just put all those ideas into practice....

Hillery said...

LOVE them all! Please keep sharing! The Mama Is... comic also made me laugh when I saw it the first time and this time! As mom's of nurslings, it is so, so, so true! Love it.

I also love the closet as an office idea. Though I don't have a closet that would work as that. Though I have thought about turning our very large walk in closet into the nursery. But then where would the closet go? Hmmm....
Thanks dearest.

Ouph said...

Hillery--you could easily make the current nursery area into your closet. I think your huge closet would make a fantastic nursery. Just my opinion :)

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